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. r/Osana • Kuudere simulator girls are now (step)siblings!. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. Hes tasks will be to challenge and beat Minia in a fight.



As of March 22nd, 2021 Build, the player must befriend all of the Martial Arts Club members in order to gain Budo's trust and make Raibaru leave Osana alone.


This server is dedicated to the game Yandere Simulator and the YouTuber and modder Sho Kunin! | 1,681 members.

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May 21, 2023 · The leader of the Martial Arts Club, Budo Masuta, has developed feelings for his fellow classmate, Taro Yamada. . His name can be read as "職人" which is Japanese for "craftsman". Raibaru Fumetsu/Osana Najimi; Ayano Aishi | Yandere-chan; Midori Gurin; Budo Masuta; Taro Yamada | Senpai; Osana Najimi (Yandere Simulator) Raibaru.

. -Sho Kunin or shokunin means "journeyman", referencing his learning similarly to Mina -Shima Shiya was originally named Shi Ta, originating from a phrase meaning journeyman -Juku Ren is the final piece of "jukuren shita shokunin" meaning journeyman -Fureddo Jonzu is just a japanezization of fred jones, aka the scooby doo character. Osana (@osanayanderesimfan) on TikTok | Hey I'm Amelia I'm a big fan of yandere simulator and my favourite characters are senpai and osana najimi I'm aiming for 1000 followers and my fav song is little do you know.

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Hi everyone, I hope you enjoyed this video!As indicated in the tile, here’s the mod link: https://mega. Lemonade.

Sho Kunin (The third strongest in the club): Sho unlike the rest of his club members is quite cocky about his martial arts skill and often brags about it. The magic of the Buraza has blessed every child in the family with a unique gift from super strength to the power to heal—every child except one, Gema.

Sho Kunin.

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. Sho Kunin's discord server : https://discord. His hair was a mirrored and recolored version of Riku Soma's hair with tufts jutting out from the left. .

The Mysterious-Obstacle or known as 'Mystery-chan' is a rare student that is currently attending Akademi High. Sho has brown hair that sticks upwards in the front with brown eyes. . Osana in the website.


Sho Kunin/Mina Rai (2) Kokona Haruka/Saki. . Mina wears the default school uniform unless customized by the player.