Synonym for pencil

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countable a long thin object, usually made of wood, that you use for writing or drawing by pressing the black or coloured part in its centre against paper or some other surface. words. . sunbeam.

Synonyms: crayon.

A narrow, generally.

It consists of a thin piece of wood.




What are synonyms for penciler?. . . Synonyms for pen pencil include mechanical pencil, automatic pencil, click pencil, clutch pencil, drafting pencil, leadholder, lead pencil, pacer, propelling pencil and spacer.

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australian. a coloured pencil.

formulate, put language down on paper. Your pencils need to be sharpened.


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pencil case.

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pencil cases. Search ALC for pencil-sised. What does pencil (something) in expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. .


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create a likeness in a picture, put language down on paper, scribble. Noun Phrase Rub a pencil eraser over the sticker residue to remove it from the unfinished wood. Find more similar words at wordhippo. pencil whip ( third-person singular simple present pencil whips, present participle pencil whipping, simple past and past participle pencil whipped) ( idiomatic) To approve a document without actually knowing or reviewing what it is that is being approved.