Get ready to challenge friends as you take turns answering interesting, obscure, and amazing trivia questions.

Trivial pursuit family edition questions and answers

Trivial Pursuit Classic Edition. fiction scholastic books from the 90sTrivial Pursuit Classic Edition. how old was aaron copland when he died

2 ways to play! Ages 8 and up. . Abdul Rahman Mosque is located in which country? Afghanistan. If the player answers a question incorrectly, it is the next player's turn.

The majority of people in which country believe in elves? Iceland 2.

Questions and Answers.


Play ends when a player has collected six cards/correctly answered 12 questions.



To be the first player to fill all six. 86. Among maple syrup, Celine Dion, and snow, Trivial Pursuit is one of Canada's proudest exports. .

Be the first player or team to earn each of. £20. If the player answers a question incorrectly, it is the next player's turn.

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Trivial Pursuit is a board game in which players compete to answer the most trivia questions and complete the game's objectives.

Jan 26, 2023 · These questions are quite a high standard, more suitable for teenagers aged 16+. .

Sep 12, 2013 · Trivial Pursuit Family Edition Game. .

Jun 22, 2021 · Random trivial pursuit GK questions answers.

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Play individually or in teams, moving around the board and winning wedges as you answer correctly. . Trivial Pursuit for Kids – Volume 6 Board Game. .

. There's fun for all ages in this Family Edition of the classic TRIVIAL PURSUIT game! Roll the die and rack your brain for the answers to questions in the category you land on. Trivia Question: How many legs does a spider have? Answer. To be the first player to fill all six spaces on your Scoring Token with different colored wedges by correctly answering questions.

Trivial Pursuit: Family Edition features fresh questions and a quick pace, including a new 'Showdown Challenge' which amps up the gameplay.

Choose an opponent to answer a question and if they get it. It’s the quick-play family trivia game with 2,400 questions. What acid is colorless, odorless, and water-soluble and is commonly.